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I offer a host of services based on whatever the needs are. This includes energy work, herbal medicine, readings, spell and root work. 


Shamanic Tantra Sessions (In person and Online)

Shamanic tantra focuses on the chakras and utilizes healing tools to remove negative entities and blockages, as well as healing of different mental and physical ailments. This work also balances the chakras and feminine and masculine energy. It helps you to be more connected with yourself and your pleasure body. Wombspace healing and elegant rose sessions are also included in tantra services. This is for individuals and couples. You can also book combined sessions with Dr. Candice & Shontwel. Book here.


Heart-work Integration Session (In-person or Online)

The heart has its own intelligence that communicates with the practitioner during the session. Guiding the practitioner to perform various steps which may include energizing needed areas, removing energetic abnormalities, amongst many other things. There is also services for soul retrieval and, past life regression. Some of these services are for individuals and couples. You can also book combined sessions with Dr. Candice & Shontwel. Book here.


Ancestral, Health, & Oracle Readings (In person & Online)

Done online or in person, an ancestral reading session  will help you to learn things about yourself from your ancestors and messages of things they would need you to do in order to optimize your life. Also aiding in removing negative entities and spirits from your life and direction on how to bind those spirits/energies. With health readings my ancestors guide me to what you need for healing, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will get the tools you need for healing in all aspects of your life that need it. This is for individuals and couples. Book here.


Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing (Online only)

It involves remove stagnant energies and emotional blockages. It helps one push past what's holding them back via their chakras. This experience brings the body's seven main Chakras into alignment through specific essential oil blend, healing crystals, and pendulums. This unique experience leaves guests feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing. This is a 20 minute service with a 10 minute debriefing on how to keep chakras balanced and open. Book here.


Coaching (Online only)

During energy healing sessions, family of origin, ego, and inner child issues may arise, this is something that I would be able to process with you further. Tantra and heart work integration at times can bring about things that you have have buried over the years. The goal is to get you to your natal template, the person who you were always meant to be from the day you were born. My goal is to get you there through spiritual coaching and guidance. Additionally, things can come up about yourself which includes your sexual self, traumas, rejections, disappointments, etc regarding sex and sexuality within yourself and how you interact with romantic partners. Sex coaching sessions can  help you to explore those things and get to learn more about your sexual self and embracing them for who they really are. This is for individual and couples. Book here.


Herbs & Plant Medicine 

Herbal medicine takes an integrated or holistic approach to explore all aspects of an individual—physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and lifestyle—and acknowledges the innate healing power of the human body. Herbal, diet, and lifestyle recommendations focus on supporting the specific needs of each individual. Buy here.


Release Ritual (In Person)

We all have things that we have carried over the years through trauma, rejection, disappointments over the course of our lives. This ritual will bring relief to that weight energetically and spiritually. You can book this as a combined session with Dr. Candice & Shontwel. Book here.


Business Consultation for Healers (Online only)

Guidance on building a spiritual business  based on your vision and specialty. Social media marketing to gain visibility as business, and branding, consent forms, and marketing. Book here.

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