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My Story


I'm Oshunfunke aka Dr. Candice, owner and CEO of The Tantric MFT. Since I was a child I've heard spirits, I've also had a couple of instances where I've seen them as well. It could be in the form of whispers, footsteps, shadows, or strong intuitive feelings that something was there that I didn't see at the moment. I've rarely shared this with anyone as I did not want people to assume things about me as well as my own shame.  My ability to hear and see was something that I ran from for a long time and did not want to embrace because of my own fear and lack of understanding. Within the last couple of years I've looked at spirituality and religion with a different lens that shifted my thinking of how I understand the spiritual realm and my relationship with God. I had my first spiritual divination back in 2018, I never had an experience of seeking guidance from someone who could communicate with my ancestors to give me messages. During this divination, one of the things she mentioned was that I needed to look into sex practices as it related to Asian/African sexuality as well as Tantric Sex. At that time, I had heard of Tantra, but I didn't know much about it except that you could have sex for hours. I didn't take initiative into researching that until a couple of years ago.


A couple of years later, I had another divination done by a priestess where I was told that I was not being my true self and I should be wearing head wraps and dresses, I was taken aback because I assumed that I was operating in my true self. I was told that I was missing the spiritual component and not operating in my spiritual gifts. I was unsure of what that was until I got a reading done about a month later. She told me, as the priestess told me during my divination that I was not operating in my true self.....the same message again. She asked me if I was going back to school, as a PhD holder I attest that was not something I was trying to do. Then she asked me what I did for a living I told her that I was a marriage and family therapist and sex therapist. Once she heard that about what I did, a light bulb went off for her. She proceeded to ask about my sun (Aries), moon (Virgo), and ascending signs. When I shared with her that ascending was Scorpio, she shared that I was meant to be a sensual goddess, and advised me to research being a tantric healer. That was the sign for me that I was meant to do tantric work. I reached out to someone who studied under Master Yao with Grand Trine. My first conversation with Master Yao was very warm and welcoming and I got great vibes from him. Tantra has been a life altering experience for me, and Grand Trine has been nothing but welcoming and provides a spiritual family vibe. Another reason why I chose tantric work is because of the healing that it creates. I also chose to learn about the heart work integration system with Master DJ Green at Heart Associations. We learn how to access our heart/soul to truly express our divinity. We utilize sacred geometry to uplift our bloodline's past, present, and future (Source, 2022).  


Additionally, as a woman who has uterine fibroid tumors, it was important for me to create a healing space for women who struggled with fibroids and other reproductive issues. As women, especially Black women we have a lot of womb trauma that has been experienced directly and/or intergenerationally and carry a lot in their hearts. This is also the case for women who are currently pregnant and becoming moms. It is my passion to aid in the healing of women and their womb spaces, as well as helping them to learn about and embrace their own sexuality and sensuality unapologetically. Secondly, there are men that are suffering in silence and often times struggle with being in touch with their own emotions and allowing themselves to fully heal. Toxic masculinity and the influence of dominant discourse has a lot to do with this. In a therapeutic sense, watching men become vulnerable is  a very powerful thing, watching them heal in a spiritual context is indescribable. I also have the passion in helping couples to connect on not just a sexual level but also spiritual. To me that is the deepest form of connection. I am looking forward to my growth and where this journey will take me.

As for my spiritual gifts of healing and being an oracle, I realized that in doing ancestral reverence and learning more about spirituality across all parts of the world, including Kemetic spirituality, I had the ability to take on the thoughts and feelings of my ancestors as well as ancestors of others, and could receive messages. They would tell me to give family members messages specifically for them and they would immediately tell me that it was a message that they needed to hear, that was confirmation that I was on the right path. I also get messages of healing practices as it relates to holistic care and plant medicine which I've recently added to my services. This is not to replace conventional medicine, but more of an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

My Approach

As for my approach in tantra, I practice from a Shamanic tantric lens which is very complex and it is an active form of tantra which incorporates spirt. This form of tantra is influenced by western indigenous African spirituality. This includes little to no touch and focuses on masculine and feminine energy and works on the chakras, and removes energy blockages which causes physical and mental challenges. It is the use of moving energy and connecting and aligning the spiritual bodies with the physical body. I also do energy healing sessions for women and their wombspaces/Yonis and give spiritual health direction for how to continue to heal themselves. Additionally, provide chakra cleansing and balancing. Furthermore, I (alongside my healing partner Shontwel) provide different services as well.


As it relates to heart work, the heart has its own intelligence that communicates with the practitioner during the session. Guiding the practitioner to perform various steps which may include energizing needed areas, removing energetic abnormalities, amongst many other things. Heart work energy sessions do not have to be performed in person. Energy work can be done long distance as well (Source: Within this work I also do past life regression and soul retrieval which can aid in further healing.


With spiritual healing and readings, I utilize my pendulums and oracle cards but sometimes neither is needed or utilized. Different pendulums work with different things. The messages come in like pieces of a puzzle, as the session goes on I get more answers and feedback to give to the receiver of the message. In addition to all of this I also provide spiritual life coaching and sex coaching. Being a licensed therapist, certified sex therapist and life coach, helps me to be effective when it comes to doing this work. Things may come up for you during tantra, heartwork or ancestral reading sessions that may need to be processed. I am here to assist in that experience. 

Education & Certifications

Heart Associations w/ Master Don Green
Heart Work Integration System Level 1      
The Grand Trine Tantra International w/Master Yao Morris 

Path to High Level Orgasm
Tantra 360 
Certified Life Coach (New Skills Academy)

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