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About Tantra/Heart Work, Ancestral & Health Readings 


What is Tantra & The Heart Work Integration System?

The science of Tantra is the science of activating or awakening higher sexual attributes and behaviors from their dormant state in the DNA. The art of Tantra is the many ways we have discovered to use these awakened superior traits and attributes in healing, enriching one’s relationships and in the achievement of natural bliss as a lifestyle. In other words we do not learn Tantra, so much as we activate it. It is already inside our DNA.


It also enhances opportunities for pleasure, provides balance of masculine and feminine energy, calms the mind, strengthens connection to the heart, throat, and sacral chakras. It also balances the chakras overall.


Most notably, tantric healing is believed to remove energetic blockages related to sexual trauma. Some health experts believe trauma can be stored in the body.

Shamanistic Tantra is active in the light body, energy body and cell body. It begins in the light body. Achieved via the alignment of bodies.

Tantra in conjunction with the heart integration system is very effective as it relates to healing work. Tantra begins and ends with the heart. The heart has its own intelligence that communicates with the practitioner during the session. Guiding the practitioner to perform various steps which may include energizing needed areas, removing energetic abnormalities, amongst many other things (Heart Associations, 2022). This type of work aids in enabling one to see who they really are and knowing your place of what you can do, where you should be and how you should get there (Master Don Green, Heart and Soul Level 1 Integration System, 2020).

Primary Reference:The Holy Grail of Orgasm by Master Yao Nyamekye 2020 &, Heart and Soul Level 1 Integration System (2020) by Master Don Green


Oracle, Ancestral & Health Readings

Ancestral readings can assist in the process of:

Making important critical life decisions

Uncovering hidden information

Diagnosing & addressing spiritual, and physical illness

Questions of life purpose

Connecting to & communicating with Ancestral Spirits

Unveil health, and emotional spaces that need healing

Spiritual Regimes & Practices

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