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Spell & Root Work


Why Spell & Root work?

  • If a situation is a magical or spiritual condition or magically influenced.

  • If the condition warrants magical attention.

  • What magical spells, rituals, charms, etc. should be prescribed to treat the condition.


Spells and root work are our Creator-given way of connecting to and petitioning the divine and our Ancestors to initiate small or major change in our living-lives. That's what casting a "spell" is

  • It's essentially a prayer, a request, or a demand that magnetizes and/or repels in order to achieve a specific purpose utilizing specific tools and/or incantations.

  • l can perform a specified ritual on your behalf with the assistance of our governing spirits, the appropriate deities, our Ancestors/your ancestors (as appropriate), and our elders.

  • It is important for me to add that everything I do is lead with spirit, so if the spells are not just then they will not be performed. Especially when it comes to left-handed work.

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